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Our Mission:
To be known for our leadership’s edge, through our passion for quality, innovation and high food standards that bring to market exceptional branded products.


Snacks Group

Safeway Fresh Foods

Safeway Fresh Foods has a talented team to provide our customer the convenience of obtaining all their fresh value added products manufactured daily.

Safeway is a family owned business, with its owners being recognized within the food industry for their knowledge, quality products and innovation. The family has been active in the food business for over thirty-five years. Through this time, they have developed many proprietary products and processes and are best known in the industry for their cutting-edge approach to manufacturing and innovation.

Safeway seizes the opportunity and demand for healthy grab and go meal and snack options. They combine proprietary technology and flexible manufacturing to offer their customers a vast scope of commissary prepared fresh foods. Think out of the box and think about Safeway, where it is about our customers and the openness to do different things - and to do things differently.

Our goal is to work with our customer partners to introduce new ideas to the marketplace with results that count.